Casket Factory Florists - Shipping, Order, and Return Policy

Returns & refunds

At Casket Factory Florists, we love making customers smile. And that always starts with working with only the freshest flowers.

Please bear in mind that flowers are perishable. Everything from the weather to watering – or even where the flowers are placed, such as in direct sunlight, next to a heat source, etc. – can impact their freshness.

Our team works hard to ensure you’re happy with your delivery. If you aren’t, please contact us. If a refresh or replacement is warranted, we will happily do so. 

Email our Client Services team at or call us at (1-905-502-0334). Please be sure to provide the order number, client name or recipient name.

Changes & cancellations

·     We know that plans can change and that mistakes sometimes happen. When possible, we are happy to accommodate order changes or cancellations.

If you need to CHANGE your order:

·     If your order has not yet been prepared: We will gladly change your order, subject to product availability. Depending on the requested changes, the cost of your order also may change.

·     If your order has been prepared, but is not yet out for delivery: We can reschedule the time or location of delivery, provided the delivery date is still available and the location is within our delivery zone.

Some exceptions….

·     During peak holidays such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, we will do our best but cannot always accommodate order changes. Please carefully check all the information in your order when you place it.

If you need to CANCEL your order

·     If the order has been prepared, but is not yet out for delivery, we can provide a full refund.  

·     If the order is out for delivery, but has not yet been delivered, we cannot refund the flower order.

Some exceptions….

·     Orders for Funeral flower work cannot be canceled on the day of the funeral or viewing date.

·     Unfortunately, we cannot change, cancel or refund orders after they have been delivered.

Damaged products

·     Flowers are delicate. We take great care when creating and handling our floral arrangements and bouquets. 

·     Despite our best efforts, it may happen on occasion that an order is delivered damaged. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can provide a replacement.

 To request a replacement for a damaged product:

·     Take a photo of the product and email the photo, along with your name, order number, and the nature of the issue to

·     Due to the perishable nature of our products, requests for replacement must be received within 2 hours following delivery.

·     If we confirm that the damage was caused at our end, we will either:

·     Replace the product and deliver it at the first availability to the same location at no charge.

·     Issue a store credit.

Incomplete orders 

·     If your order has missing delivery information, we will hold the order until all the necessary information has been provided. Our team will try to reach you as quickly as possible to obtain the missing information.

·     If your desired delivery date is no longer available, we will deliver your order on the next available date.


·     Flowers are seasonal and their availability can vary. This  impermanent nature is what makes them so alluring.

·     When creating our floral arrangements, we always strive to use the same flowers and colours as displayed on our website. However, we always favour the freshness of blooms over exact replicas.

·     If a particular bloom is not to our standards at the time you place your order, we may substitute it for another of similar or greater quality and value.

·     It may happen that we are unable to inform you of a substitution ahead of time. Rest assured that our team will always pick the best blooms and accommodate your preferences whenever possible.